Friday, 4 October 2013

Arsenal vs Napoli

This article will lack the traditional GFS punch so apologies for that. I hope it will be a good read nonetheless!

First of all, I would like to express my disgust at the incident that took place at Piebury Corner. I hope the Gooner who got injured is recovering well!

The UCL game between Arsenal F.C. and S.S.C. Napoli was a game of two halves. Surprisingly, both were controlled by Arsenal!!
The first half was a demonstration of Arsenal's attacking prowess and the second showcased our resillience and determination to keep a clean sheet!
I am not going to write about the first half. Almost all the blogs have covered it and showered deserved praise on the trio of Özil, Ramsey and Giroud.
There were a few players in the second half who played well. The Flamini & Arteta partnership provided solidity in front of the defence.

Flamini with his organizing the defence and midfield while we were defending and him shadowing Hamsik proved to be too much for Rafael Benitez's men. Arteta was brilliant as usual. Between themselves, they choked any attempt/possibility of a Napoli counter attack.

Ramsey did well defensively as well! I must say, I have never seen Rosicky play a physical game.. This was different. His passes were off a few times but he played his heart out. The intensity of his challenges and the urgency he showed while pushing up was really really good to see.

However, i was really surprised by the performance of Bacary Sagna. The last game (before this) he played, I wondered if he is better off playing as a centre back. He was tracking back well and providing good support while attacking. Looks like it will only get harder for Wenger to pick his RB!

BFG and Kos did a good job. BFG with some critical saves and Kos covered well when he went a bit forward.
I am glad Kos didnt make any rash challenges either ! :)

Gibbo, baring a couple of times, looked on top of his game. He had a good chance to score as well, but unfortunately, the ball came to his less preferred foot!

I feel sad for Woj, he hardly had anything to do in the game. The poor lad could have slept like a baby throughout the game and we still would not have conceded thanks to Flamini and his organizational capabilities!

All in all, a good victory!
- @karansingh9008

Friday, 13 September 2013

Ozil is the key but who changes the locks?

Well I am back, well GFS is back, I was just asked to write the first blog for the new season. Thanks GFS, no pressure. I will not waste time chatting about what has happened or not happened since a last post was put up. 4th again blah blah blah, new signings, blah blah blah, champions league, oh dear yawn yawn yawn. Done to death since June Arsenal, could keep most tabloids and broadsheets going in the UK for ever.

How ever this is important. Not since Sir Dennis of Berg has a player raised so much spirits and expectation as our £42 mill plus signing M. Ozil. Now do not get me wrong, I was dancing all over the living room when Sky Sports said it was a done deal but after the dust settled and interlull killed twitter I got to thinking but todays news said it all for me.

Ozil is the key to Arsene Wengers future. Head lines ablaze with it today as he is named to start against Sunderland this weekend. Wow a fantastic statement of intent from Arsenal, a major signing we have longed for and he is going to be the foundation of Arsenal's new future. All well and good I hear you cry but hang on. We know what the team needed in regards of signings and one signing does not make a title winning side. As with Dennis Bergkamp it took further signings to make a title winning team and given what 1995 was like we as fans should take a pinch of salt of the PR spin currently surrounding Ozil.

I am pleased we have made a statement of intent with the signing of Ozil, by the way we have an ex German international to thank for this not Silent Stan who had damn all to do with it. What worries me is that every one thinks we are title contenders. We should temper our fervour with the thought that signings to make us solid were not done and a last gasp singing of Ozil does not mean a premier winning team. If Chubb make the locks, come January lets hope we are not shopping in B&Q to sure up an already damaged door.

You may disagree, that is your right, but would you put your life savings on a one horse wonder?

Till the next time.